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FT600 – Continued

Among the key applications for the FT600 are multi-function printers, scanners, high resolution video cameras, still image cameras, high definition displays, industrial imaging equipment and medical instrumentation. 8 USB endpoints can be employed – leaving plenty of scope for creating multi-interface devices if required. In order to deal with multiple endpoint designs, FTDI Chip has…

FTDI Chip’s FT600 Series – Providing Simple, Cost-Effective Method to Implement USB 3.0 Functionality

The USB 3.0 SuperSpeed standard has the capacity for an order of magnitude increase in data rates compared with USB 2.0, thereby furnishing engineers with the opportunity to address far more data intensive applications. Some reports suggest that global sales of USB 3.0-enabled devices will reach 3 billion units by 2020. So far semiconductor solutions…

Exclusive FT90x Bundle Launch Offer

FTDI Chip is pleased to announce the full availability of its FT90x compilers and Clicker 2 board bundles, created via a technology partnership with MikroElektronika (MikroE). Based upon FTDI Chip’s new FT32 high performance, 32 bit RISC core, the FT90x series provides a wide variety of connectivity and configurable bridging options including 10/100 Ethernet (PHY…

EVE Examples: Interactive Restaurant Menu

Through employment of EVE primitive objects and more complex widgets, engineers can construct sophisticated HMIs such as this.

EVE HMI Examples: Metering System

By using EVE’s objected oriented approach it is possible to render eye-catching HMIs with intuitive multi-touch operation.

FT81x Series for Higher Resolution HMI Construction

Touch-enabled human machine interfaces (HMIs) are now employed in wide array of industry sectors – including domestic appliances, home automation systems, industrial control systems and door entry systems. The emergence of multi-touch functionality is adding a further dimension to modern HMI implementations, allowing gesture recognition to be benefitted from. The next step seems likely to…


Q: How does FTDI handle USB suspend? A: USB suspend is controlled by the USB host telling the peripheral device to go to suspend. The FTDI drivers do not force the FTxxx devices to go to suspend. If the USB data bus is idle for >3ms the USB host should put the FTxxx into suspend….


Q: How can I make FTDI Chip’s ICs appear as a different USB device class? A: FTDI has defined its own device class, so FTDI devices return a 0 for the bDeviceClass (Vendor class). The class cannot be configured by the designer. FTDI devices do not return the correct USB device descriptors to be USB…

FTDI Chip EVE Screen Designer Videos:

The following series of short videos give a complete overview of the features incorporated into the EVE Screen Designer software toll for advanced HMI development. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:

FT81X Functional Block Diagram

This shows a functional block diagram for FTDI Chip’s FT81X series of high resolution Embedded Video Engine (EVE) devices.