Application Note: AN_221 – Adding an ADC to a Raspberry Pi

This document explains how to install FTDI D2xx drivers on the popular Rapsberry Pi (RPi) platform and then wire up an ADC to the RPi_HUB module.

FT600 Key Features

This gives an overview of the features and functionality that’s been incorporated into FTDI Chip’s FT600 USB 3.0 interface IC.

FT600 – Functional Block Diagram

This shows a functional block diagram for FTDI Chip’s FT600 USB 3.0 interface IC.

FT600 – Main Applications

Among the applications for FTDI Chip’s FT600 USB3.0 interface IC are: • Upgrading Legacy Peripherals to USB • Utilising USB to add system modularity • Incorporate USB interface to enable PC transfers for development system communication • Cellular & Cordless Phone USB data transfer cables/interfaces • Interfacing PLD/FPGA based designs to USB3.0 • USB3.0 Digital…

EVE Modules from MikroElektronika

Here are some of the items of hardware available from MikroElektronika to support FTDI Chip’s Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology. The ConnectEVE board contains FT800 graphic controller and a 4.3″ TFT colour display with resistive touch capability. The display is 480×272 pixel resolution and ach pixel can display 262K different colours. The EVEClick breakout board…

Elektor/FTDI Android Breakout Board

The Elektor Android breakout board features FTDI Chip’s FT311D bridge IC, which allows interfacing from a circuit to an Android smartphone or tablet. This board facilitates I2C, UART and SPI interfacing with the Android device and allows generation of PWM signals. The device is compatible with Android 3.1 or higher and additionally supports Android Open…

FT51 Functional Block Diagram

This is a functional block diagram for FTDI Chip’s FT51 8-bit MCU device.

Main Target Applications for the FT51

This illustration looks at some of the applications areas for which the FT51 microcontroller device from FTDI Chip is suitable.

Interface Options for FT51

This schematic shows the various interface options that FTDI Chip’s FT51 microcontroller unit supports.

Applications for FTDI Chip’s FT900 – Audio Systems